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Great to see everyone who came and a big thank you to all of the volunteers, including Daniel, Joao, Igor, the stage hands(Rocky, Mark and Daniel), Eddie and the drinks team, Ada on door, and especially Jenny and Victor for their help in the preperation work. Look forward to seeing everyone again in June.

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Martin Kerr

A solo singer/song writer from Canada, started the Underground with his soft and easy listening set of songs, apart from his original pieces, he also played covers of some famous UK bands such as Radiohead, Coldplay and Beatles, and he did a good job in adapting them into his own style of singing and guitar.
Martin has been traveling the world with his CD as to make a living for himself, during the show, his Putonghua really impressed the audience as he had spent quite a long time in China already.
Beijing based Scottish-Canadian Martin Kerr open the show, bringing his positive musical message to Macau. Using a simple man-and-guitar set up and mixing influences such as “yellow”- era Coldplay and Radiohead, Martin Kerr wowed the mostly-youthful audience, especially the many drooling women. The acoustic dreadnaught opened the show on a positive message and ended his set singing out that he didn’t want to be cynical anymore and giving a bow to local talent, or as he put it “undiscovered geniuses”.
Jeremy Phillips

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Why Ocean?

A 5 piece Alternative Rock Band, their songs are mainly influenced by Britrock music and many detailed and subtle melody can be found in the songs, since the band had been together for a while, it’s obvious to notice that they had put a lot of effort in their song arrangement and the band plays all their parts very well on a par with a top professional band.
This local 5-piece brought their edgy-melodic sound back to Macau Underground for the second show in a row giving listeners a much appreciated second dose. This Macau Underground they took the opportunity to debut their new, highly skilled drummer Ellison. Weaving magic with their guitarsKev, Jase and Tommy connected musically with the crowd while Kev crossed the gap lyrically. If you arrived late and missed their set ‘cause you were still at some bar, you can drink in their images virtually on the Why Oceans website.
Jeremy Phillips

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Forget the G

This band made the most special sound for that night, even though they’re just a 3-pieces rock band, but the vocalist and guitarist, Eric, really helped the band to achieve a unique style which involved a lot of cool riffs, effects, and also the rather experimental arrangement of songs.
Moving up the scale of hardness as the night advanced, grunge-rock crew made their Macau Underground debut. Switching fluidly between alternative and experimental sounds while engaging with the audience, Forget The G won over the crowd and kept the energy level rising during their set before shifting gears and slowing down at the end. They left the audience was screaming for more and live music fans who are tuned-in to what’s up and coming will defiantly be on the look-out for this crew’s next gig.
Jeremy Phillips

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A emo band played second last of that night, their heavy and catchy songs excited the audience to move, dance and scream, their energetic performance also made a break-out for that night.
Bringing a fresh, young fan base and some very styling haircuts to Macau Underground, local pop-punk upstarts Scamper excited their fans and infiltrated the crowd with their infectious enthusiasm. Their sound manages to take a living energy from today’s musical styles while avoiding the excesses deep Emo. These boys took to the stage like it was their second home and we may see big things from the black-clad crowd-pleasers in the future.
Jeremy Phillips

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One of the more famous bands in Macau, Uni-K is a Hardcore and Metal band consisting of 2 vocals and this gave the band a stronger sense of melody in their songs, the band performed very well and they also have a lot of interaction with the audience such as leading them to circle pit and shouting.
Hardening up the sound waves at the end of the evening, Kent and Tinto brought heaviness and serious tones to the final set. The riff-masters were in fine form and the audience was supremely into them. Tempering their rebellion with melody, wrapping their anger in creativity, UNI-K’s combination of heavy music and positivity provided a perfect climax to an evening of original sounds. They also gave the crowd a chance to mosh in an impromptu ‘mosh- triangle’ at the foot of the stage. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing them again at some gig soon.
Jeremy Phillips

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Above photos © Copyright 2008 by Yan

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