The Underground 13th Year Anniversary Party


It’s amazing to think that this month is our 13th year anniversary and we decided to throw a party to celebrate! We’ve booked some fun bands that we love and also we’re going to have a lucky draw and give out random prizes at this event. Come join and celebrate 13 years of supporting live music and bands in Hong Kong. Come toast to 13 more years (at least!). Doors open 9:30pm, first band on at 9:45pm. Advance tickets available here.
意想唔到今個月已經係我地嘅13週年,而我地亦準備搞個派對慶祝一下﹗我地已經邀請定幾隊好玩得嘅樂隊黎助興,同時亦會安排抽獎環節隨機送出不同獎品。一齊黎慶祝喺香港支持現場音樂同獨立樂隊嘅第13個年頭,更預祝我地(最少)有更多個13年 ﹗夜晚9點半開始入場,9點45分第一隊樂隊上場。優先飛已經有得賣。

20150419-Boogie Playboys0355_WEB.jpg

The Boogie Playboys

Who’re the playboys? The band formed in 2009 and changed their name to The Boogie Playboys in 2013. They were the only local act (except Gem Tang) to share the main stage with Franz Fedinand and Chic ft. Nile Rodgers in Clockenflap 2013, been the guest performers in Alex To’s concert in Hong Kong Coliseum 2014 and 2015, returned to Clockenflap in 2016, and played in different bars and venues too! They like 50’s old rockabilly and also 80’s neo rockabilly, and influenced by 70’s Hong Kong God of Pop – Sam Hui’s Cantonese slang lyrics style, they have set a standard of Hong Kong’s contemporary rockabilly!!
The band released the debut album Big Rod in 2012, and now making the new album going to be released in 2017.
成立於2009年,是本地首支Rockabilly樂團,曾於2012年推出大碟「Big Rod」,2013年改名為The Boogie Playboys(不羈花花公子),成員包括主唱兼木結他手Felix、電結他手K13、大貝斯手藍調人、以及鼓手Barry。在組成的半年後他們馬上就登上了香港最大型的國際音樂節Clockenflap的主舞台,跟Franz Fedinand、Chic ft. Nile Rodgers等分享同一個舞台演出。2014年The Boogie Playboys開始作出更多的表演來累積經驗,在2014八月及2015年3月更榮獲杜德偉邀請於「極杜世界巡迴演唱會」擔任演出嘉賓,2016年也重回Clockenflap!最新專輯正在製作中,準備於2017年推出。

Ocean Boulevard.jpg

Ocean Boulevard

Ocean Boulevard was originally formed by two Japanese, Rico and Chiko, in January 2009.
The band has since then evolved. Not only has the number of band members increased, but the depth of talents has also significantly grown. Ocean Boulevard is now a band comprising 5 talented musicians from both Japan and Hong Kong. Apart from the original founding members Rico (Guitar) and Chiko (Key Board), the other three members, Cecilia (Vocalist), Jackiz (Bass) and Dean (Drum),are from Hong Kong.

Andy is typing2_WEB.jpg

Andy is Typing

Andy is typing… is an alternative rock band originated from Hong Kong. Members include Andy (Bassist) , Kelvin (Percussionist/Drummer) , J.K.Y. (Vocal/Guitarist) and Manping (Lead Guitarist) . Our influences include bands like Mr. Big, RHCP, Radiohead, etc.

Before Andy is typing…
Kelvin, Andy, Manping have been playing music together since secondary school. They formed a band with another vocalist in 2013 that, although disbanded in mid 2015, created the foundation for today’s ‘Andy is typing…’. J.K.Y. met Kelvin in university which they always go busking, playing rock songs on streets. Kelvin invited J.K.Y, along with Andy and Manping, to form a new band in late 2015 – Andy is typing… was born.

The MongCocks1_web.jpg

The Mongcocks

They are a new band that formed in 2016. The four members are all fans of fast, punk music. They’ve written and continue to write original songs. The band members include two local Hong Kong musicians along with American and Irish bandmates.

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