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IMG_7740.JPG Live Review from The Underground 13th Year Anniversary Party:

1. Take A Break
2. Don’t Believe
3. Karma
4. Yesterday Was Sweet
5. Lost Pearl

Tonight’s first band on this auspicious occasion, are greeted by what feels a little more like a carnival atmosphere than just a normal mad Saturday in LKF. Orange Peel is packed to the brim and there’s a really beautiful atmosphere brewing to celebrate the Underground’s 13th birthday.

Andy Is Typing start the celebrations off with their single Take A Break, released earlier this month. It’s so full of energy straight from the off that the crowd doesn’t get a chance to think before being swept up in this bands magic. Andy (who I’m assuming also types) on bass is awesome here, and his bass lines are the centre piece of this song. I’m already compelled to call Andy Is Typing Hong Kong’s very own Muse, such is the similarity. But while there are similarities, they’re still doing their own thing. Jacky’s vocal has a touch of Brandon Flowers about it at times. His falsetto – absolute perfection. 

On Don’t Believe, drummer Kelvin is a total superstar. Just like the bass on Take A Break, his percussion is now the centrepiece. Jacky’s vocal is a bit lower here and it doesn’t feel ideal for his voice to me. I think the higher stuff really suits it better. Bassist Andy is now at the back of the stage, clearly his 5 mins of glory at the front is over. I wonder if these guys got a deal on their haircuts, like a buy three get one free?

These guys are really tight, and seem like they’ve been gigging forever. Loving the lead guitar on Karma, way down the fret through the verses. It’s nothing new, but it feels familiar like an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. Love the change in mood and the uplifting feel of the middle eighth. Strangely there aren’t many takers for an arm wave on Lost Pearl. The acoustic guitar is a nice contrast to the rest of the set up until this point. It gets a little ‘busy’ for me. A bit over complicated. They feel at their best went then keep it a bit simpler. 

I’d love to see this band on a bigger stage, their energy and in particular Jacky’s charisma I feel are made for a massive crowd. I’ll be there.
– Simon Donald Jones

Live Review from Sub Terra #1:

1. Wild Heart
2. Fat Machine Inquiry
3. Lost Pearl
4. Karma
5. Yesterday Was Sweet
6. Take A Break

Andy Is Typing began with as much bombast as possible, all dressed in black, low rumbling riffs, and a pinch harmonic juggernaut of an opener ‘Wild Heart’. JKY’s falsetto soars over this dark and menacing music, with vague similarities to Bon Jovi’s vocal style (minus any of that glam rock cheese), whilst Kelvin Ngan’s drumming is intricate and pounding at the same time, with each snare shot sounding like a rifle.

Each member brings their own signature sound to the mix. Man Ping’s eye-catching Ibanez is controlled with ease, laying down effortless solos that could have been written by Lynard Skynard, if not a touch self-indulgent at times. Bassist Andy follows any low riff from Man Ping perfectly in unison, and works in smooth arpeggios during the verses, without being distracting.

A nice dynamic shift is added when JKY introduces an acoustic guitar from ‘Karma’ onwards, adding a Counting Crows feel, and some lush picking patterns between himself and ManPing. Although JKY is playing his acoustic through a keyboard amp, it has immense clarity, that cuts through, even with a band as heavy and loud as this.

Take A Break’ sees Andy kicking off the song with a Mark King style slap bass, whilst Ngan gives the song pace with a rolling snare and clever hi-hat triplets, evocative of early Bombay Bicycle Club drumming. The chorus shows them at their most anthemic, with JKY following the lead guitar note for note, stretching his vocal range and emphasising the power of their sound.

The entire set came across as well rehearsed and professional, without feeling forced or contrived. Andy Is Typing seemed to be really enjoying themselves, and that feeling transferred to the audience within moments of them taking to the stage. 
– Chris Gillett

與當晚首隊樂隊Asyndeton一樣,排第三出場的Andy is Typing是一隊非常年輕的組合。然而,他們演奏的第一秒已足以令全場氣氛改變。四人很清晰地表明:現在不是2016年,而是1986年。

第一首歌「Wild Heart」的靈感明顯地取自Bon Jovi、Quiet Riot等重金屬樂隊。這首歌曲以萬平的結他riff和歌手JKY的高音聲線為基礎,高調地配上速度快音階高的結他solo。JKY與萬平一齊唱和音的一刻,兩人往同一支麥克風吶喊,場面精彩。到了歌曲尾段,萬平竟然引進了Crazy Train(Ozzy Osbourne)一段有名的結他riff。相信在香港,很難得有機會欣賞這麼經典的重金屬表演。

形象十分整齊的Andy is Typing只演奏了六首歌,有些歌曲是以木結他為主的power ballad,如「Lost Pearl」。但是好戲在後頭:最後的一首歌「Take A Break」只能形容為瘋狂,筆者從未看過速度這麼快的slap bass,鼓手的技巧也令人頭暈眼花。最後jam的一段,歌曲節奏一步一步地加快,音階一級一級地下跌…… 這叫做「技術性擊倒」。
– Elson Tong


Live Review from The Underground x InterNations:

1. Wild Heart
2. Celestial Party
3. Forget Me Not
4. Lost Pearl
5. Yesterday Was Sweet
6. One Two Free Fall
7. Fat Machine Injury

For such young guys – they look as if they might have shrugged out of their school clothes en route to the gig – the brilliantly named Andy is Typing have spent some serious time absorbing rock music of the past 40 years or so.

But they’re not simply regurgitating well-trodden rock classics of yesteryear. The boys have really made it their own, with well-crafted rock tracks which get a great response from a good crowd at Orange Peel tonight.

So it’s a bit of shame they haven’t put similarly diligent research into stage wear –come on boys, you can do better than jeans and T-shirts. You’d never catch Bowie (RIP) and Prince (RIP) in baggy sweaters.

So work needed on the outfits then – but in terms of on-stage panache otherwise, top marks, throwing themselves around as they do with youthful abandon. And yes, great tunes. They come racing out the traps with a big track that has elements of both 1980s and 90s rock – I hear Maiden, RHCP, Def Leppard, Ramones and more. Great stuff.

They’re good players as well. The singer has a fine line in vocal gymnastics while the guitarist boasts some decent chops. And what of their namesake, bass player Andy? I dunno about typing, but he is a picture of concentration, focused on nailing that bottom end. Overall as well they have some nice tricks and techniques, stops and starts, going into double time, building the atmosphere and momentum.

An excellent set with tons of rock credibility for such young guys – definitely one to look out for.
– Dan Creffield

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