Underground 18


Thanks to those of you who came down to support Underground by being there, cheering all the bands and buying drinks to encourage more venues to have alternative live music
love Chris B xx

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What an interesting start to Underground 18, this tight dynamic young band were definitely the most original band of the evening. With the keyboard effects adding kitsch to the songs only adds to the power of this band. From King Crimson influences to the description of one song as a “Hammer House of Horrors crossed with Linkin Park”, this band is a must see on the local music scene.
Naked Breath
With a very short set, this band brought in energy and some good vocal moments. For some of you not familiar with emo-core, it does tend to be moody and slightly repetitive, although I suspect Naked Breath could be more innovative with their song arrangements. They may also have over-rehearsed so that the songs appeared very ‘matter-of-fact’. Loosen up guys musically and we look forward to seeing you again in 2006.

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Have to award these guys the ‘tightest’ band of the night, the musicianship is strong and Eric on vocals has improved a lot since their last Underground appearance. The songs are Brit-pop and R.E.M. inspired and the open string sound is most welcomed by the audience. Eric is chatty and conveys the messages that they have in their lyrics. A thoroughly interesting band to watch too. Keep up the melodies in the songwriting guys – your songwriting & arrangements are outstanding!

The Train
Favourites of the Underground scene, The Train return and yes they ARE “Better than the Sex Pistols”. Egg on vocals is tight and crisp and so so edgy – love it! The Train write catchy punky upbeat little tunes with plenty of ‘oooohs ooohs’ that you find yourself singing along to. My feet just couldnt stop moving throughout their set, and even when they throw in a couple of covers due to repeated shouts of encore – they give it “The Train” groove of punk and fun. One of Hong Kong’s best bands to watch live.

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Yellow Crystal
What a variety of music we have heard tonight! Closing the last Underground of 2005, we have Yellow Crystal and their ambient with moments of weirdness electronica music. Very experimental at times, they use effected vocals and even a toy shop banjo to create new sounds. You could talk whilst Yellow Crystal was playing yet you kept listening to hear what was being attempted. Very surreal, very underground.

Above photos © Copyright 2005 by Willem Van Der Merwe

Poster by Mike Davis

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