Underground 30


WOW! Another superb show!
A fine evening with very different bands showing how talented they are. Thank you for playing at Underground. Thanks so much to the team who help the event run smoothly – thanks to the EDGE for great sound and lights show AND most especially to the audience – that’s why we’re all doing this 🙂
love Chris B xx



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The Train
With vocal styles strongly reminiscent of j-pop, The Train has developed more focus in their style since their last underground performance. They’ve traded in some of their raw energy for creativity, going through rarely heard gardens of sound. The influences seem too many to list, even if they could be clearly identified. It is all fairly authoritative in style, almost domineering but in a way you don’t mind. They’re still not spectacular, but make a very interesting detour in the musical mind of an aspiring perfectionist.
Wally Amos

Awesome start to Underground 30! The Train have fattened out their sound with a second guitarist (Dunson) and the results make for a less of a punk band and more of a Brit-pop band with punk elements! I like it! Egg is as charasamatic as ever and Dunson is CUTE! A HK band worth watching.
Rosie Chan



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Mmmm. What a scoop for Underground! With a presence that displayed maturity beyond her 18 years, Heather was a pleasant surprise for everyone. A sweet strong vocals backed by confident strumming, she played a perfect length set to keep my attention and keep my curiosity peaked. Hopefully Heather will encourage other budding singer-songwriter-guitarists to take the live performance plunge.
Rosie Chan

A true emotional exhibitionist, Heather lays her feelings bare for anyone who cares to listen. she is a solo act, both strumming and singing, lacking the musical depth of a full band but making it meaningful with her personal warmth.
Wally Amos


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These guys burst onto the stage with electrifying intensity, both as amazing musicians and charismatic showmen. Never before have i heard such high-speed, hard-hitting energetic metal from a live HK band. Excellently choreographed, both musically and in presentation. Some of the drum beats are hard to catch, but the complexity is simply awesome, frequently rivaling “Symphony X”. They are real Picassos of speed metal. I was doing all I could to take it all in, but it was spilling all over everywhere in crystalline beauty. I just stood there, jaw hanging, thinking to myself over and over again “Holy S*** these guys are good.”
Wally Amos


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22 Cats
A schizophrenic cocktail of widely varied pieces and fragments of music, they all seem to know what they’re doing (but they’re the only ones). the music easily carries you with it into their crazy-land, which is admittedly a pretty nice and interesting place. At times it’s hard to tell if you’re on a carousel or visiting a freak show. One thing is for sure, they’re highly captivating. I keep wondering what could possibly follow what they just did, and I keep finding out, much to my amazement. It’s quite rare for a band to be so unpredictable – bored is the last thing you’d ever be when they’re around. I just can’t figure them out, which only multiplies their appeal.
Wally Amos


Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

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