Underground 37


All five bands thank YOU the audience for coming and showing them love. The Underground is for YOU!love Chris B xx

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The band’s called ‘SHIT” which is rather unfortunate as not everyone will get their blend of electronica, guitar and oft-spoken lyrics. I would describe this two-man band’s music as experimental. It’s even ambient at times though they do generate some very high tones during certain stages. Not quite psychedelic but you’re getting into lava lamp and 2001 Space Odyssey star child country.

Chris in Hong Kong

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The Dragon Army

The Dragon Army is good and they’re good at what they do. If you’re into heavier rock/metal then you’re going to enjoy this band. It’s good ole guitars, drums, music way up loud and screaming down the microphone!!! Their songs are lively, energetic and they bang out some really deft chords that will have the crowd pulsing. Not only that but they put on a show for you too. This band plays well together and somehow their music reminded me of Faith No More in a good way.

Chris in Hong Kong

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Sunset Coke

This band is passionate about their music. So how would I describe their music? Well you could call it medium pop-rock but that sounds bland and wouldn’t do justice to them. Their lead singer puts his heart into the songs. It’s just a pity I couldn’t hear the instruments as much during this set as I don’t think the setup was quite right. Or was that where I was sitting?

Chris in Hong Kong

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Dr. Eggs

Well this band knows how to make an entrance in their matching red tracksuit tops and sun visors down over their faces. There’s plenty of bouncing, climbing on top of stuff and theatrics by Joul their lead singer who was wearing a red Superman t-shirt under his tracksuit top. But it’s not all just show. This band did a novel take on A-ha’s Take On Me, moved into an instrumental piece, had some Gallic sounding rock and then ended with some even harder rock! Exhausting!

Chris in Hong Kong


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The David Bowie Knives

There’s no let up with this band. Between their songs they harangued the crowd and they’ve got a strange dialogue with the audience. The lead singer’s got a distinct accent throughout his singing somewhat reminiscent of a Shaun Ryder drawl from the Happy Mondays. They’ve even got a Manchester sound. Think of their music as a rougher, heavier Oasis.Chris in Hong Kong

A big hands up to all the staff at Les Visages and especially to soundman, Rommel! You did brilliant guys!

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by YanYan Pang

Poster by Sheli

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