Hardcore Night 1


Gods Child Music & The Underground Presents…Hardcore Night 1Thanks to Gods Child Music for bringing to Hong Kong, two of the coolest hardcore bands from Japan! Thanks to Die In Velvet for playing our first Hardcore Night! Great fun and we hope to do another night like this in the future!

love Chris B xx

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Die In VelvetIt takes a very special type of person to truly enjoy this type of music. very raw, often musically incoherent and fragmented, it’s pretty much feeling-filled noise with hardcore head-banging beats that frequently change and evolve. it’s like the musical (if that) equivalent of roman gladiators, they’re spewing as much violent anger as they can into their noise. i generally prefer more coherence and structure in music, but the audience was all over it. if you feel restricted and contained by the usual standards of what music should be, and love spiders, give Die in Velvet a listen.Amos

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Even Today (Japan)hardcore death metal the way it should be. agonized screaming (in Japanese, not that it matters) with skilled and purposeful guitars and drums. super high speed, head-banging tortured death that just doesn’t stop. the crowd wasn’t the moshing type, but easily could be given this power-packed stimulus, if they had the inclination. the band is not totally unique, but is definitely a strong player in this field.Amos

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Community Trust (Japan) they’re more angry and proud rather than tortured, less speed-oriented and more entrancing. the drummer is top notch, and is the glue that transforms the entire band from noise to art, giving meaning and context. very sincere but otherwise standard good stuff. a bit of frenzied crowd participation was evident in the later part of their performance.Amos

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by YanPoster by Dave Burdick

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