Underground 63


I’d like to warmly thank The Cavern, its staff and the Ivanne & Iris for another great evening hosting more live original music in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. Thanks to all of you who turned up and showed support to our visitors from Macau.

Chris B xx



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Supper Moment

I surely enjoyed this supper moment at The Cavern!

A first-timer at the Underground but they never looked intimidated to take on the stage as the opening band of the night. Started with an original instrumental piece blended with John Mayer’s cover “Back To You”, the band has already shown a bit of what they are made of. For the rest of their set, they showcased their pop rock originals, shadowed with John Mayer’s flavor, yet also establishing their own consistent style with a bit of folk, blues, and funk.

Most of their originals were written in Cantonese, seemingly having a theme going… one writing about a story of a prostitute and then another one about one-night-stand. All those “catchy but not cheesy” tunes and “flavoured” topics were coming out from the band’s 20-year-old lead vocalist, Sunny. While I was still admiring Sunny’s talents, he amazed me further by finishing off the set with a track “Love Song”, which he wrote for his puppy lover way back then when he was still a high-school kid! I felt ashamed for myself when I tried to think of the songs I wrote way back then. For sure, I wouldn’t dare to put those up on stage without a major make-over!

I wish I could say that they were influenced by AirTub (well, of course not!)… but I do see similarities of an early day AirTub. The difference is… Supper Moments is much more polished, much younger, and with a less metallic sound. They surely have the potentials to excel and become the talk of the town one day! They are definitely one of the bands I’d like to produce.

Supper Moments were also distributing some free demos after their performance too. Demos were nicely produced, both in its sound and design. Rock on!


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I don’t think anyone would disagree that Transnoodle is one of the most entertaining bands in HK. Already their fourth appearance at the Underground, and again they’ve put on another great show… this time featuring Koya (from Very Ape) as their replacement on the bass.

Two tracks were stuck in my head for a long time (and still is!) – “I Need a Mormon”, and “Hong Kong”.

Thanks to a few bottles of Asahii, I thought I heard them singing “I need some hormones” for a while, haha! It made me choke on my beers when the track suddenly turned into a familiar tune from the Beatles…
When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody’s help in any way.
But now these days are gone, I’m not so self assured,
Now I find I’ve changed my mind and opened up the doors.”

Then I looked at them on stage, and a band calling themselves “Trans-noodle”… hmm… what kind of hormones do they need!? They’ve got plenty of party hormones in them already for sure!!!

Caribbean Ska music with a lot of personalities and stage presence… excellent musicianship, very experienced and tight… entertaining and fun to watch! Any beach parties coming up? Transnoodle has to be there and if they do, I’d suggest they wear Hawaii shirts with wigs!


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Forget the G (from Macau)

Forget the G had found the right place to have their debut live gig in HK!

This 3-piece band was sounding a lot fuller than I expected, and was supported by the crowd at The Cavern. Not only bringing some nice music here, they’ve also brought in some pretty good-looking friends and fans (perhaps from Macau?) to cheer for them. May I ask what the “G” stands for…? I’m sure it doesn’t stand for “Gals”… unless they have too many of them already that they need to forget some! LOL!

Ok, back to the music! Well, without taking a peek at the band’s bio, its music is easily recognizable as being influenced by the infamous Radiohead!

Alternative Rock? Post Rock? Post Grunge? If those labels are just two-dimensional reflections of their style, Forget the G adds a third dimension to create a depth of its own. Its music is full of emotions. It’s a roaring from the deepest part of the heart.

Some said it’s the Macau version of Audiotraffic… I’m looking forward to see more of Forget the G (but please, don’t forget to bring in the G’s!)… perhaps in Macau some time soon?

They are planning to release an album in early 2009! So stay tune!


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Violent Jokes

Having Violent Jokes on stage while the crowd was mostly affected by alcohol seems to be the right mixture blending it all at the Cavern! And yes, I was one of them… affected by alcohol…!

Violent Jokes is “visual”. Without saying a word, just standing on the stage… two blokes with a sexy singer didn’t seem to blend at first sight… but as soon as the music begins, its music took on the role along with seductive moves of its lead vocalist, Shadow. Try covering your ears, and just looking at all the visuals on stage… believe me, you’d still hear the music with your eyes!

It’s trip-hop music with heavily sampled electro beats grooving along with extremely tight bass driving the whole set in a progressive way. Warm synth, distorted guitars, and heavenly sexy vocal taking turns to shine and leading the emotions and atmosphere. You can see smoke even without the smoke machine… you’d suddenly felt like a feather floating around the stage despite the fact that you probably just ate more than your diet allowed before coming to the Cavern… and yes, some of you probably have hallucinations too (*grin*, to a few of you talking to me during the set!)… I’d called that the “VJ Syndrome”!

I have no complaint, but the set seems too short. I thought it would continue throughout the night! It’s even better if they could have a Live DJ taking care of the beats mixing! There would be much more room for imaginations I’m sure!

Heard that they are going to tour around HK, China, and other places too! Wishing them a successful tour! (Bring me along! I’d learn to be a good DJ!)

photos © Copyright 2008 by ANGUS LEUNG
Poster by Sheli

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