Compilation CD Launch Party A


What a great launch for the first Compilation CD from The Underground! Having 11 bands on the CD meant we split up the launch night (via a lucky draw system) and the five bands playing tonight were all awesome – thanks so much to the audience who came and cheered, thank you to The Cavern for hosting it! Thank you to Jager for giving out free shots outside the Cavern! And most of all thanks to Koya from Mark 1 Music Centre who made this Compilation CD entirely possible.
love Chris B xx


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Lazy Susans

The underground has been an amazing experience for everyone, if not more for the Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans have been a baby of The Underground, nutured and mentored through our journey till today. We had our debut on stage show with the Underground (Underground 15- Nov 11, 2005) and had a couple of appearances afterwards. And the CD Launch Party marked our most recent event.

So it has been indeed a magical experience – now with the mother which mentored us to where we are today, and we are having our baby – the Compilation CD#1! We wish the CD to be a great success, and more than the lessons that we learned during the process of the work and the fun we already had were the biggest reward the Lazy Susans long for!

Lastly words can’t describe how much we want to thank Chris and Koya San to make this happen. We also love Chris’ enthusiasm, and Koya San’s patience for recording and mixing of our songs.

With the Underground, Lazy Susans are ready to many more wonderful moments!
Lazy Susans

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Asahi became a part of my music career just like the underground and chris B. there are great bands playing but i just cant take my eyes off that rock milf chris b. i must control myself, she is a “mom” and a “hot mom”, those are my favourite google keywords” – Jan Curious

My dad rocks! It’s my first time seeing my dad dance, and I would proudly say, he definitely ruled the dance floor! The party was awesome, and we all enjoyed ourselves so much. Three cheers to the Underground, for producing such a cool compilation CD for some indie sound in the city. I love the record, I truly do.” – Mike Orange

What a great party which created a chance for me to date a girl, and we stayed together inside from beginning till the end, and she enjoyed the music a lot. All of my friends are happy with the $150 deal, they think it’s so worthy! My friend Cliff said he should be the luckiest person for the night. He’s right when Chris B announced his name at the lucky draw session, but too bad he left just minutes before the lucky draw.” – Les Hunter

This show means a lot to me as I am not just being a part of the band, but also the underground and the CD, it had been more than 3 years that I am with underground, I really feel proud of this as I know this is really hard to keep a local band business in Hong Kong, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop. As Same as for Chochukmo, we went through the up and down, and the current chochukmo is definitely an “UP” for me, this show is the third show we have for the current line up, and I feel like that this is just a beginning of something better, and this feeling of motivation really make me feeling alive.” – Yanyan Something

Thanks Underground for releasing this Compilation CD which provided the bands an opportunity of showing what the bands have been working hard for. This is such an encouragement for the local bands to have their music published, and to be listened by more and more people.” – Kitty Trouble


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“The garden of Underground is the garden of love.

We feel love.” – 22Cats


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The Sinister Left

“It has always been a privilege to play for The Underground events, and to
be chosen with promising HK indie bands for a compilation cd gives us such
a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

Our hats off to : the WHOLE Underground team -( Chris B, the masked men
and women doing the dirty work,the photographers, Vivek for putting up a fresh
outlook of the website), Koya “The Bandana Kid” Hisazaku, Mark 1 Studios, Bun Ng for
building another bridge for the Hong Kong indie scene, Hamish McKenzie, Timeout,
all those who gave us (good or bad) reviews, Mr. Safety Bunny!
The sponsors: ( Asahi, BC Magazine,
Cathay Pacific, JIA )
To the strangers we’ve met who gave us compliments!
And to
all those who’ve been committed to it’s cause- our ever supportive friends and families!!”


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Tai Tai Alibi

“Tai Tai Alibi had a wicked wild and wacked-out time at the Underground’s CD launch Party A. Go The Underground!” Tai Tai Alibi


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Thanks to Cathay Pacific for the great prize of two Business Class tickets to Taipei, our winner looked SHOCKED!


photos © Copyright 2008 by ANGUS LEUNG

Thanks to Sabrina of No Sabbath for the coolest poster! sabrinalogo.jpg

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