Lazy Susans

u84134.JPGLive Review from Underground 84:

Lazy Susans is a five piece band that you would probably expect to start singing in Cantonese. They look so traditional Chinese and have two female guitarists (which you don’t see very often). Two of their band members, including the vocalist, had to play on the dance floor as there was no room for them on the stage. It is a very small stage at the LKF Beer Bar.

I felt sorry for these guys before I even started writing notes as I was physically exhausted by Velvette Vendetta and since they were the sixth band my writing hand was going numb. So in the end I didn’t get to write much about them. They started after 1.30 in the morning, which is way after my bedtime. I didn’t know how much more I could handle, but I stayed there trying to endure. I had been at the bar for more than five hours already and I was feeling very lazy, and a little bit drunk. They started off by playing very a funky pop song. Straight away I liked the use of the waa waa pedal.

Their 3rd song, ‘Steel Wall’, was off the Underground Compilation CD no. 1, which is quite funny. Not funny haha. But, it is also another weird coincidence that 3 bands this night had songs off the first compilation. I have listened to this song a lot at home and I still can’t get past the lyrics, “let me do what I long to do with you…” haha. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination. I really like the way the guitars sound in this song and I think the vocals are quite cute and sweet.

So, it was real late but the band didn’t show any sign of tiring. They are NOT so Lazy Susans. Their next song, ‘Let it Roll’ was also off the Underground Compilation CD, This song is a more upbeat song that the guitarist uses the waa waa pedal for. It is very fun-loving and carefree. This seems to be their theme song as they keep repeating in the chorus ‘We are the Lazy Susans’. Which I think is quite clever as a marketing tool. Who are we? ‘We are the Lazy Susans’… please buy our album. Hehe.

The next song that they played was easy listening music which was putting me to sleep. I could have easily put my head on the table and slept with their music in the background. It was quite comforting. They played one more song to end the night which was yet another funky tune that they belted out with ease. These guys are very precise with their instruments. Their songs are well molded and polished. Generally a really enjoyable band to watch. But, the only problem is that they were on so late. If they were on earlier on in the night I might have been seen in some photos jumping around crazily to their music. Next time guys!
Cain (F.B.I. vocalist)



Letter from Lazy Susans about CD Launch Party A:

The underground has been an amazing experience for everyone, if not more for the Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans have been a baby of The Underground, nutured and mentored through our journey till today. We had our debut on stage show with the Underground (Underground 15- Nov 11, 2005) and had a couple of appearances afterwards. And the CD Launch Party marked our most recent event.

So it has been indeed a magical experience – now with the mother which mentored us to where we are today, and we are having our baby – the Compilation CD#1! We wish the CD to be a great success, and more than the lessons that we learned during the process of the work and the fun we already had were the biggest reward the Lazy Susans long for!

Lastly words can’t describe how much we want to thank Chris and Koya San to make this happen. We also love Chris’ enthusiasm, and Koya San’s patience for recording and mixing of our songs.

With the Underground, Lazy Susans are ready to many more wonderful moments!
Lazy Susan


Live Review from Underground 44:
bursting with style and personality, each song is a very distinctly different style. overall i’d call it funky pop-rock with a touch of punk and just a hint of ska. kind of experimental in styles, but they know exactly what they’re doing and it shows. rather convincing vocals and perfect (although not entirely traditional) musical accompaniment. the last song, a slow one, wasn’t very matching the atmosphere of the club, but is clearly a work of art, mainly thanks to the fantastic vocals. the music itself is only somewhat remarkable, but a perfect fit to make a great performance.


Live Review from Underground 25:
The quintet, with new bassist Eunice (phwoar!) who is in
The Ember, look like they’ve just seen a triple-bill of Repo Man, Reservoir Dogs and The Blues Brothers. Some brief Steve Cropper-style funk-wah guitar playing is about the extent of the B.B.’s influence. It’s more power/punk/pop, some close harmony “lalala” vox, and a Canto-rock ballad. The final tune, dedicated “for our bosses” is a real piss-and-vinegar wake-up call. There are some cool 60’s psychedelic touches by guitarists Angusand Franky. Singer Dan struts the stage, while leaving room for the axemen to swing. Wing, the drummer rocks and the applause is sincere and sustained.
Nick Lovatt
Nick, Eunice is not new, she’s the founding member of Lazy Susans! – Chris B


Live Review from Underground 15:
A debut gig for a band that writes all its songs in English. The songs are in a mixture of styles. Ranging from melodic punk mixed with jangly guitar riffs. One song was reminiscent of early 70s English pop rock in the style of “A flock of Seagulls”. The last track was like “The Blood” meets “Stiff Little Fingers”. Not bad for a debut gig, this band has great ideas and will improve with practice, ensuring their nerves wont get the better of them next time.
Nick Lovatt

“Best place and the best audience for the best bands at the Underground!! Thanks for the 2 unforgettable nites!! We love Underground and Chris B is the best!!” – Eunice

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