Macau Underground 3


Another great show for Underground band, and my ears are still ringing from having to hold Meatballs drums down. Thank you to all the bands who played and we hope to see you all at the next one.

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Too Big To Die

The first band of the night almost seemed like they would be the last band of the night, as the set climaxed with bass player Summer demolishing both his bass and his effects pedal. Drummer Meatball attacked the drums so hard that the stage crew literally had to tie the drums down to keep them on the stage. While they describe themselves as eclectic, the music was definitely heavy, driven by the double kick and distorted bass lines. Think the Misfits crossed with Korn and Dani Filth vocals (ala Cradle of Filth) thrown on top.
The Fu

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Illusion X

There couldn’t be a bigger contrast between Illusion X and the previous band, with the black clad boys from Too Big to Die replaced by attractive leading lady LJ of Illusion X. Illusion X were no shrinking violets however, bringing upbeat pop punk in the vein of Avril Lavigne or No Doubt, although vocally LJ sounds more akin to Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. A little bit more time and exposure and this band will definitely be a band to dance to.
The Fu

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Pawn Shop

An original sounding band which makes a near perfect blend of percussion sounds and traces of rock and electronica while throwing in unique 16-bit sounds bring back memories of the super-mario and is reminiscent of sega genesis on steroids. In short, Pawn Shop is in a league of its own and its unique sounds make for an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind music journey.
Olinto Oliveira


Why Oceans

Breaking away from there usual more edgy sound, underground veterans why oceans decided to go with a much more earthy and warm feel by playing a totally acoustic set. The switch-up in style was a welcome one by the audience who responded by sitting on the floor and simply chilling out to the full melodies of Why Ocean’s acoustic compositions
Olinto Oliveira

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By far the most experienced band at the show and they lived up to their name. Scamper gave a the crowd a night to remember. In a set that could be defined in one simple word, “enthusiasm,” scamper started high and only kept going up from there. The crowd jumped and bumped to scampers up-beat rhythms which was the perfect way to close out the show.
Olinto Oliveira

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photos © Copyright 2008 by Cintia Leite
Poster by Fortes Sequiera

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