WhyOceans (Macau)

U91115.jpgLive Review from Underground 91:
All the way from Macau, 5-piece rocker WhyOceans is no newcomer, I first heard of them from the Linkin Park contest in early 2009, then Macau Undergrounds and I also had the pleasure to share the stage with them while I was drumming for GongWu when we both performed for the Esprit Hong Kong Flagship Grand Opening. Veterans, that’s how we normally called experienced musicians.

Right from the beginning of their set, we knew the rest of the night was going to be different. The instrumental ballad opening set up the tone, and the rest of the set we were all drowned by this giant Ocean, their music is very open, very atmospheric, it’s not hard to find some New Grave and Post-Rock influences through out their music, if they could roll out the bass a little bit, I’d say the vibe would be even better. With most of the slow songs in their set list, we cruised along nicely through the WhyOceans.
Marvin – In Love And Pain!

Click here to watch WhyOceans playing their original song: At Land!


Live Review from Macau Underground 3:
Breaking away from there usual more edgy sound, underground veterans why oceans decided to go with a much more earthy and warm feel by playing a totally acoustic set. The switch-up in style was a welcome one by the audience who responded by sitting on the floor and simply chilling out to the full melodies of Why Ocean’s acoustic compositions
Olinto Oliveira


Live Review from Macau Underground One:
A 5 piece Alternative Rock Band, their songs are mainly influenced by Britrock music and many detailed and subtle melody can be found in the songs, since the band had been together for a while, it’s obvious to notice that they had put a lot of effort in their song arrangement and the band plays all their parts very well on a par with a top professional band.
This local 5-piece brought their edgy-melodic sound back to Macau Underground for the second show in a row giving listeners a much appreciated second dose. This Macau Underground they took the opportunity to debut their new, highly skilled drummer Ellison. Weaving magic with their guitarsKev, Jase and Tommy connected musically with the crowd while Kev crossed the gap lyrically. If you arrived late and missed their set ‘cause you were still at some bar, you can drink in their images virtually on the WhyOceans
Jeremy Phillips


Live Review from Macau Underground Zero:
Second band, WhyOceans?, was the only soft rock band for that night, their music is mostly influenced by 90’s britpop and with a very skillful keyboardist and guitarist, the band managed to get some attention from the audience and survived in such a metal night.
Yan Yan

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