Lady Beard returns to Hong Kong (second show added) 鬍鬚女重返香港 現正加開一埸!


IMG_5040.jpg It was so awesome to have Ladybeard back in Hong Kong. Thanks so much to Ladybeard, the wonderful Ladybeard management team, the staff & soundguys at Focal Fair. Thanks to The Underground team on site and biggest thanks to the audience who turned up!
love Chris B xx
今次真係很開心請到Ladybeard(鬍鬚女) 再次返到黎香港! 係呢度好感激Ladybeard(鬍鬚女),超棒的Ladybeard(鬍鬚女)管理團隊,Focal Fair的工作同音響人員。 仲有係現場的The Underground 團隊,同埋各位觀眾的大力支持!
love Chris B xx

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1. Valentine kiss (バレンタイン・キッス)
2. Onegai cinderella (お願い!シンデレラ)
3. Moonlight densetsu (ムーンライト伝説)
4. Den den passion (でんでんぱっしょん)
5. Love trap (愛情陷阱)
6. Tsukema tsukeru (つけまつける)
7. First love
8. Odoru ponpokorin (おどるポンポコリン)
9. Baby

Ladybeard aka Richard Margarey is a dynamo on stage and a warm personality on and off it.  In the lead-up to his shows, we were told that he intended to “create moments of joy for people.” That was something of an understatement!

I have seen Ladybeard many times in Hong Kong, in fact, I was his manager for the year before he left Hong Kong.  HK was just too small for him and it’s great how he’s taken his show to a worldwide audience with such success.

The Ladybeard persona, although very much larger than life, definitely has Margarey’s personality stamped all over it. For this show and the previous night’s, he’s upped his showmanship, added new skills (from when he used to live in Hong Kong) to wow the crowd, including neon day-glo nunchucks and Chinese ribbon twirling.  Not only can he sing and growl in Cantonese and his native English, he can do it in Putonghua and Japanese as well! His in-between song patter is highly entertaining and the audience laps it up.  It’s an energetic show with the audience told to sing along, Ladybeard reaching out to the crowd both during and between songs and the audience grabbing at him with sheer delight and huge smiles all around.

His female Japanese managers do double-duties as make-up artists and during Ladybeard’s onstage performance, stand at stage edge, head-banging and twirling hair and mimicking Ladybeard’s movements to great effect.

His songs do follow a similar format, syrupy-pop then banging into metal versions and it’s great fun to see if he will or won’t follow this formula with new songs.   These backing tracks have great production values and Ladybeard revealed backstage that he would be writing some original songs this year.  We look forward to hearing these and another visit from Ladybeard – let’s hope we don’t have to wait four years again for the next appearance!
– Chris B

Photos by ​​​Angus Leung.​
由​​Angus Leung​​攝影。
Poster by ​Angus Leung & Ryan Chiu​.
海報由​Angus Leung &​
Ryan Chiu.

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