16th Year Anniversary Party


Due to the ongoing issues posed by COVID-19, we have decided to postpone our 16th Anniversary Party to June 27th; same location, same time, same bands.
The performers, Rula Live, and the Underground are committed to ensuring the safety of our patrons during this difficult time. We support the citywide efforts to protect each other and keep communities healthy, and look forward to celebrating with everyone on June 27th.
The early bird ticket sales will now be extended to 31st May 2020. If you prefer to get a ticket refund, please contact zicket.co.
Thank you for your continued support of the live music scene in Hong Kong!

表演者、Rula Live及The Underground希望能保障支持者的健康,所以決定配合防疫政策,以確保健康為重。我們期待於6月27日繼續與大家慶祝。



Moths are strange creatures. They dive into the light and flames without a sense of fear. Maybe they want to test their own limits; maybe they desire the warm embrace from the flame as its end. Or maybe it’s just their basic instinct: without any regret of what consequences the fire may bring.

This unique phenomenon represents the spirit of Cry!Romeo.

Formed in 2017, Cry!Romeo came together to form a part of Hong Kong’s rapidly changing, ever-growing independent music scene. With established past projects Good Fellas (Egg, Jim) and Velvette Vendetta (Jacky) under their belt, the 4-piece have come together to represent a unique brand of fearless indie rock that illustrates the moth’s lifecycle; an experience that always leaves you with a craving for more, even if it burns.

Cry!Romeo are:
Vocals/guitar/keys – Jacky
Vocals/guitar – Egg
Bass – Vinz
Drums – Jim

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ARKM is an experimental metal band from Hong Kong that came together in October 2018. The band’s name was inspired by Arkham Asylum (Batman) in terms of the sick, twisted, dark and distorted world that of which is reflected in the band’s lyrics and songs.

Genre inspirations of the band consists of Progressive rock/metal, Industrial metal, nu-metal, hardcore, deathcore, mathcore, grindcore, post rock and electronica with a touch of ambience.

The band consists of lead vocalist, Allison Gentry (previous vocalist of Prayforme); lead guitarist and previous member of Parallel Horizons, Samirze Kong (AXIOM); rhythm guitarist, vocals and synth, JR Gabuya, also founding member of BlackNightRedSky; bassist and vocals, Bryan Mendoza; and JM Inot (Oi Squad, 0.4) on drums. Two of the latter having also been part of BlackNightRedSky.

Lyrical and song Inspiration themes are largely centred around the darker shades of ourselves that most people are afraid to explore – ranging from artificial love, self-delusion, confabulation, erotomania, betrayal, deceit, regret, corporate and societal expectations and derangement. In the end, trying to better understand ourselves and embrace the darkness is learning to live with it instead of denying it. After all, darkness is a part of ourselves.

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Flying Daggers

Sad Bastard Rock and Roll

Flying Daggers or 匕首的翅膀 (“on the wings of daggers”) are four-piece avant-punk band based in Hong Kong, started in late 2019. The band consists of: Matt Suchecki (lead vocals/synth), Vincenzo Nardelli (guitar), Sergio Capuzzimati (bass) and Adrien Thai (drums). Their sound is a mixture of rock and roll energy and post-punky way of delivering emotions. Life is a crazymaking game of hate and love. Let’s get the most out of it! Kiai!

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Stereo is the Answer

In the summer of 2013, four musicians gathered to converse with music; stereo is the answer.

stereo is the answer (SITA) is a 4 piece rock band consisting of musicians from per se, 11:PM and Empty Tomb.
They have played at various music festivals such as YAMAHA Asian Beat – Asian Grand Final (Tokyo, Japan), Wow & Flutter, Silvermine Festival, and SpringScream (Taiwan).

stereo is the answer (SITA) 成立於2013年,是一支modern rock樂隊。成員包括來自二人音樂組合 的 Stephen和 Sandy、 的 Jimmy和 的 小強。SITA融入每位成員的作曲風格,探索搖滾樂隊所能塑造的新音樂。
他們曾獲邀到 -日本YAMAHA ASIAN BEAT 亞洲區總決賽,台灣<春天吶喊音樂節>演出,同時亦活躍於本地的樂隊表演。

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Loud Shaft

Four Nepalese man band formed in Hongkong to have fun with what they love to do and keep the rock n’ roll scene alive for upcoming eras.

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All For One

All For One,意思是全心全意為一件事,也指一心一意為一個方向,共同創造。「All」是全部,包括精神上的,時間上的,「For」是想著,前進著,面對著,「One」是那件事:我們心中所有對音樂的信仰。
All For One 是一隊香港樂隊,由主音歌手Aiden(李建龍)、吉他手Fun(龔俊熏)、吉他手龍(莊梓朗)、貝斯手 Ivan(曾瑋釗)、及鼓手Eric Lau組成。由於對音樂沒有妥協,只能一心一意做做認真和悅耳的音樂,因此我們決定改名為All For One ,在音樂工業上作出貢獻,希望有更多聽眾能得到共鳴。All For One,意思是全心全意為一件事,也指一心一意為一個方向,共同創造。「All」是全部,包括精神上的,時間上的,「For」是想著,前進著,面對著,「One」是那件事:我們心中所有對音樂的信仰。

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Seasons for Change

Alternative rock with splashes of power-pop and pop punk.
‘Seasons for Change’ is an alternative rock band from Hong Kong. It’s current lineup officially came together in 2015. The band has performed in numerous music festivals in Hong Kong and Taiwan, including ‘Clockenflap’, ‘Heartown Festival’ and ‘Wake Up Festival’. They are also the Regional Winners of Vans’ 2018 ‘Musicians Wanted’ competition.
‘Seasons for Change’ released their debut EP ‘Timeless Collective’ under the US label Famined Records in 2016. Their first full-length album ‘Petals of Tomorrow’ has just been released which includes 10 brand new songs. With a more mature sound and experimention of different genre styles, ‘Petals of Tomorrow’ is a unique collection of personal experiences that is relatable and optimistic.
Seasons for Change 是一個香港另類搖滾樂團,目前陣容是在 2015 年正式組成。樂團曾在多個香港及台灣的音樂節表現,包括’Clockenflap’、’ 山海屯音樂節’、’覺醒音樂節’ 等等。樂隊在2016年,與美國獨立音樂廠牌Famined Records簽約,並發佈首張EP《Timeless Collective》。目前樂隊正在完成他們的第一張完整專輯的混音, 憑藉更加成熟的聲音及多種音樂類型的風格實驗,新專輯將會有更加獨特的音樂風格。

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Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club

We are Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club, a French marching band electrically self-powered and fuelled with pastis and camaraderie !
-> Created end of 2015, the Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club started life as the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland’s ‘ferias’, or festivals, with their boisterous atmosphere and their famous marching bands. Electrically self-powered, they pay tribute to classic French/Spanish/British/Italian songs and melodies, fuelled with pastis and camaraderie. So grab a glass of rosé wine and come closer, we bet you won’t be able to resist dancing!

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