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    Two bands featured on our first compilation CD, released in 2008, will be performing at our 20 Year Festival! But why did we decide to produce compilation CDs in the first place? Well, back in 2008, Koya San was running Mark One Music Centre, a fantastic recording studio in Jordan. Koya approached me with the idea, saying, “Let’s make compilation CDs. I’ll record the bands at my studio and cover the costs of the CDs, and The Underground can handle all the agreements, publishing, artwork, and event launches.” Each band was offered the opportunity to record two songs free of charge. We reached out to Hong Kong bands, received hundreds of submissions, and ultimately selected 55 bands to feature across five compilation CDs.

    我哋首張合輯CD係2008年推出嘅,當時參與眾多樂隊中,兩隊樂隊將會喺我哋20周年音樂節上表演!但係我哋點解會決定製作合輯CD呢?噉,2008年嘅時候,Koya San喺佐敦經營緊一間好棒嘅錄音室,名叫Mark One Music Centre。Koya同我提出呢個構思,佢話:「我哋嚟做合輯CD啦。我會喺我嘅錄音室度錄音,負責CD嘅成本,而The Underground就可以處理所有嘅協議、出版、設計同活動發佈。」每隊樂隊都有機會免費錄製兩首歌。我哋聯絡咗香港嘅樂隊,收到數百份提交,最終選擇咗55隊樂隊,橫跨五張合輯CD嘅收錄名單。

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