Rulapalooza #7


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    Rulapalooza #7 welcomes 2023 with a showcase that brings you some of the most dynamic bands from the Hong Kong scene.

    Opening the night, NANA, an all girl Japanese band, will put you into the rock n roll frame of mind for partying all night long.

    Second act, After Tales, a newly formed local band will mesmerise you with their fresh and sweet tunes.
    Musčat then steps up to the plate with effervescent bubblegum pop, bursting with bright melodies to up the ante and continuing the party.
    Speaking of blues, Bluesymen will usher in the midnight hour with shimmering rhythms & beats.

    Bring your lover, your bestie, your worst enemy even – whoever they are, strap on your dancing shoes and rock up for yet another classic evening of live music with The Underground and Rula Live!

    Rulapalooza #7 將會响2023年第一炮,聚集本地最具風格同活力嘅樂隊,帶俾你一個愉快難忘嘅晚上。
    活動當晚開場,有全女班組合NANA為大家帶嚟勁度十足嘅日本和風搖滾樂;跟住有新晉本地樂隊After Tales清新甜美嘅曲調令大家耳目一新;之後係Musčat獻上輕快嘅口香糖流行音樂,保證令現場氣氛high到另一個層次。最後有藍調樂隊Bluesymen响午夜以淡淡憂怨而又鮮明嘅節奏令大家忘記所有嘅傷心同失意。
    即管帶埋你嘅男女朋友、死黨甚至係你嘅仇人都好,唔好諗咁多喇,一齊嚟The Underground嘅Rula Live跳返一晚啦!

    Rulapalooza #7
    Saturday 14th January 2023年1月14日 (星期六)
    8:30pm – 1am
    Rula Live, G/F, 58-62 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong, Central 中環蘭桂坊德己立街 58-62號
    HOTLINE 查詢電話: (852) 9486 4648
    FREE ENTRY 免費入場

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