Sound Strategies: Navigating the Music Landscape Session1


18-03-23 @



    THE UNDERGROUND and Inter Idoru Artist Management is launching an online series called “Sound Strategies”. It’s free and the series will be in English.
    (Session I, Delves into the exciting music markets of Hong Kong and Japan. From the size of the market to the different types of venues available, covering everything you need to know about the music scene in these regions. Discover the types of events and genres that are popular and gain valuable insights into touring opportunities in Asia region.* Event will be a 20 minute talk by presenters, followed by 20 minutes for Q&A. )

    The Underground + Inter Idoru Artist Management 會推出一個網上系列叫「Sound Strategies」,唔收門票,而且全系列會講英文。
    (第一場會講香港同日本嘅音樂市場,從市場嘅規模到唔同種類嘅場地,講解有關呢兩個地區嘅音樂場景一切嘢你想知嘅。仲可以了解到喺亞洲區旅遊演出嘅機會,同埋留意啲什麼類型嘅活動同音樂風格係大熱嘅。* 講者會講20分鐘,然後再有20分鐘時間問答。)
    2023 年 3 月 26 日,星期日 12:00

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