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    Come on a fabulously flamboyant rock ‘n’ roll journey with Underground Rocks on February 4, 2023.

    Join us on a dazzling trip up and down the fretboard as The Underground salutes all things ROCK!

    The 2023 edition of Underground Rocks will showcase four Hong Kong bands who will take the audience on an epic and exciting rock ‘n’ roll road trip.

    Kicking off the show is Whitt’s End, a pop-punk trio, performing high-energy rock.

    Next up is The Lemon Ones, whose retro psychedelic rock tones won them the ‘best champion’ title at the HKFYG Youth Band Sound Competition.

    Delinquent quintet The Ferals play original hard rock with a steamy slice of post-punk.

    The icing on the rock cake is Diamond 6, poised to close the show with their superb, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll mayhem.

    Secure your ticket now. ! Early bird ticketing ends January 15, 2023.

    Thank you for supporting original music in Hong Kong!

    Event information 活動信息:

    等我哋一齊响2023年2月4 號晚嚟一場瘋狂搖滾之旅啦。

    2023年度嘅「Underground Rocks 」將會帶嚟四支香港本地樂隊,引領各位Band友踏上一場瘋狂嘅搖滾之旅。

    開場有流行龐克/搖滾三重奏Whitt’s End,帶俾大家高能量嘅搖滾。

    跟住有贏得香港青年協會青年樂隊比賽最佳樂隊嘅The Lemon Ones,獻上復古迷幻嘅搖滾音色。

    再嚟有調皮跳脫嘅五重奏The Ferals,帶嚟活潑生鬼嘅後龐克風格原創硬搖滾。

    响呢個搖滾蛋糕上面再錦上添花嘅有型格樂隊Diamond 6為大家帶嚟「唔講咁多,留意聽歌」嘅重型搖滾樂,為大家當晚劃上完美嘅句號。

    一齊嚟同The Underground 跳返晚,向所有「Rock嘢」致敬啦!

    早鳥票賣到1 月 15 號咋。咪咁慢喇,快啲買飛啦。


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