Guitars & Panties

IMG_2354.JPG Live Review from Underground Reunion

1. Sharp Teeth
2. Goodbye
3. Alien
4. Happy? (Audiotraffic cover)
5. Attitude

Quickly following Endeavour were G&P, and there were perhaps fewer bands in HK that could have contrasted with the former quite as much. With their elaborate get-ups (save one), sexy clothing (including some perennial PVC) and bright colours, it was like Hole and Bikini Kill following ELP. And it actually worked, when it could’ve bombed so spectacularly; the energy that the first band ginned up was kept going expertly by G&P. Oh, also they have an awesome, “kickin’” drummer, as Krist Novoselic put it.

Having self-admittedly not played together for 8 years, they played a very tight set; no fuck ups or awkward little moments. They have an early-Foo Fighter sort of sound, which can go from playful to broody, but without the massive punchy drone of grunge; instead, it’s straight-ahead poppy rock. The slightly discordant Sharp Teeth, apparently their first song as a band, began the set sounding a little like a lighter version of something by Bikini Kill, like Suck My Left One, followed by the downtempo rocker Goodbye, which placed in between the fun and faster song was something of a damp squib than it would otherwise have been. Alien was hilarious, with its talk of falling in love with an alien and Chris B donning a gigantic fur-trimmed coat, and was oh-so reminiscent of Frankenstein by the New York Dolls (“I’ve gotta ask you one question, Do you think that you could make it with Frankenstein?” indeed). A great cover of local indie legends Audiotraffic’s Happy? Followed, somewhat making up for their inability to reunite themselves for the show. The band’s signature song ended the set, with its refrain of “Guitars & Panties” being partially sung along by the audience, and having the quite surreal action of the musicians on stage throwing panties at the crowd in some sort of cosmic turning of tables. In sum, a really fun set that livened up the night and lightened the mood a bit for the bands to follow.
— Shashwati Kala

由Rachel、Shirley、Yan Yan和Chris所組成的四人全女樂隊Guitars & Panties於當晚作第二隊的演出單位,他們先以歌曲 “Sharp Teeth”開始,淨電結帶入的intro很搶耳,能吸引聽眾的注意, “Sharp Teeth”是一首很high的歌曲,企圖推高觀眾的情緒,而歌曲也十分有剛強的感覺。第二首歌曲 “Goodbye”,節奏較上一首慢,感覺也較柔,像是和上一首的剛強感作對比,顯得全女band獨有的女性感,而主音Chris控制聲線的能力亦非常不俗,完全可帶出女生對男生不捨卻要說再見的感覺。然後是 “Alien”,值得一提的是這一首歌曲減掉了bass然後加入了keybord,而keyboard選用了piano的聲音,使歌曲增加了不少古典感。第四首歌曲是cover Audiotraffic的 “Happy?”,這一首的guitar riff很吸引,層次感亦做得很不錯,鼓聲亦十分強而有力,是個有質素的cover。最後他們以可算謂他們的主題曲 “Attitude”作結,他們也笑說很多人誤以為歌名叫 “Guitar and Panties”,應該是因為副歌不斷重複 “Guitars and Panties”這歌詞,這首歌曲rock中帶點可愛的感覺,值得一提是中後段觀眾們大合唱 “panties..”十分有趣。總的來說,Guitars & Panties為當晚推高了氣氛,也盡顯出女生玩搖滾絕對不輸給男生的道理。
– Sidick Lam

u69070.jpgLive Review from Underground 69:I deliberately saved the following line for the G&P review: with the sensual video montage showing faintly on the telly (clips nicely chosen by Chris B and edited by Chris B’s friend Steph), G&P were taking things easy, slowly they got on the stage as I helped Chris B tune her guitar. Poor me, my underpants were the stinky navy blue ones. What a mismatch, but Angus has a record of it. Frankly I nearly forgot to write anything seeing their outfits, especially Shirley’s Deep V (Gulp)! Don’t miss out Chris’ PVC overcoat too! Chris has never been dragged down by her busy work – the busier she had been, the more hyper she performed – and her amazing voice had been heard in all songs. The most appealing one, to me, was “Goodbye”, that she yearned to the audience to stay. Of course we were more than happy to stay till the end! Yan and Renee continued to bring in powerful back up; and Shirley’s eloquent fingers were gently stroking… the bass strings. She looked more elegant and sexy as she changed her position… to the piano. What an all-round player… musician, I mean. (Cough – mind my words) Okay, so… Chris B went on with a Cantonese number, classic rock! Her yelling “I want freedom; I wanna enjoy; I want SEX!” with occasional moaning, I couldn’t help gulping the whole bottle of Asahi to cool down. I’ve always been wondering how people could rap like rapid fire while throwing (worn?) panties, Chris B demonstrated flawlessly. And good to know about one fact: Renee wore no panties, according to Chris B. Nice! (Note: I went sleepless thinking about the fact all night)
Erik Piece


Live Review from Underground 21:
GNP stands “Guitars and Panties” or maybe “Gorgeous n’ Pouting” or “Growing Enormous Prongs” (happening to male audience) or “Got no Panties” (wishful thinking!)… This set brings a more punky style to the band kicking off with “Ex-Girlfriend”. Chris is more captivating, cheeky and in control on stage – but she’s not always center star. Yan, Shirley & Rachel all command equal attention now. Later on they do that organ song about spaceship which has hints of “Carrie” (soundtrack music with Pino Donaggio.) Nice bit of James Brown channeling with the big coat. On “Goodbye” they sound inspired by Bauhaus and Julian Cope. Like their last song “Attitude” basically their theme song “Chris wears black, Yan wears green, Shirley wears red and Rachel wears blue panties”. Will get closer to stage next time to see if “Sometimes they wear them, sometimes they don’t” is indeed true….
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 15:
Very Sixties inspired micro-skirts & Nancy Sinatra big boots & optional panties? – you’ll have to see for yourself.
With a Canto introduction from Anders Nelson, GNP start their set with a song called Goodbye, that takes confidence! Liked their Slits-inspired “Sharp Teeth”, is this their slogan like Riotgrrls? Shirley moves effortlessly from bass to keyboards and the band slows down with three ballads in a row. One track reminded me of Tim Curry’s I’m going home (from Rocky Horror Picture Show). In the last ballad, the band “Theatre of Tragedy” comes to mind as Chris B rips up a photo of Dubya.
Yan (Hard Candy) is more subdued in GNP and ex-Sisters of Sharon Chris B provides the banter and great stage presence. Last track has me singing “Guitars and Panties. Guitars and Panties.” Definite shades of Glam Rock in GNP as well as Sisters of Sharon, Flowers of Babylon and Hard Candy meeting Keane in a glam rock outfit.
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 11:
Guitars and Panties lived up to the hype, four sexy girls with attitude. I can never resist girls with guitars, and I fell in love at least four times. I especially liked the “Aliens” song, although the last song with the audience shouting “Panties” was seriously stress-relieving. Lead Singer Chris B really knows how to keep the audience’s attention, perhaps that’s what makes the rest of the band appear slightly wooden? Must say Rachel on drums (and pink panties!) delivers solidly. The lady next to me claimed she felt like she was at “the birth of an era. Like Bowie.” Maybe she was on drugs, but maybe she was right. Personally I think a few singing lessons and this band could go far.
Dan Smith

“We loved playing at The Underground, hearing you guys scream for panties was the best part. We cant wait to come back. ”
Shirley (bass player for Guitars & Panties)

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