Underground 15


Thanks so much for coming down to support Underground.
It was awesome to see so many of you at the Edge,
we know the drinks are a little expensive however it
pays for the great sound and light show you get there.
Lets grow the music scene together in Hong Kong.
love Chris B xx

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Lazy Susans
A debut gig for a band that writes all its songs in English. The songs are in a mixture of styles. Ranging from melodic punk mixed with jangly guitar riffs. One song was reminiscent of early 70s English pop rock in the style of “A flock of Seagulls”. The last track was like “The Blood” meets “Stiff Little Fingers”. Not bad for a debut gig, this band has great ideas and will improve with practice, ensuring their nerves wont get the better of them next time.
Nick Lovatt

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Guitars & Panties
Very Sixties inspired micro-skirts & Nancy Sinatra big boots & optional panties? – you’ll have to see for yourself.
With a Canto introduction from Anders Nelson, GNP start their set with a song called Goodbye, that takes confidence! Liked their Slits-inspired “Sharp Teeth”, is this their slogan like Riotgrrls? Shirley moves effortlessly from bass to keyboards and the band slows down with three ballads in a row. One track reminded me of Tim Curry’s I’m going home (from Rocky Horror Picture Show). In the last ballad, the band “Theatre of Tragedy” comes to mind as Chris B rips up a photo of Dubya.
Yan (Hard Candy) is more subdued in GNP and ex-Sisters of Sharon Chris B provides the banter and great stage presence. Last track has me singing “Guitars and Panties. Guitars and Panties.” Definite shades of Glam Rock in GNP as well as Sisters of Sharon, Flowers of Babylon and Hard Candy meeting Keane in a glam rock outfit.
Nick Lovatt
Guitars & Panties Website

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This morphing rock band headlining tonight are sounding like a great Seventies progressive rock band (“Camel” with keyboards meets some vintage “Groundhogs” and a little bit of “Linkin Park”). The songs are entwined with dreamy keyboards. The power ballads are very Nineties style with the singer emoting like Journey’s Steve Perry, and the music very”Barclay James Harvest sounding like Moody Blues”. The fourth track has shades of Alien Ant Farm. Overall the buzz about this band is justified. The crowd adore them, their performance is tight. The audience cry for more and leave satisfied. Airtub – one of Hong Kong’s better bands.
Nick Lovatt
Airtub’s Website

Above photos © Copyright 2005 by Chris Lusher

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