Underground 11




I was sweating profusely in the middle of the capacity audience, I believe a record for the Underground. I needed to go to the toilet. The roar that greeted NUDE however and their army of fans prevented me from doing so. Nude have their own special brand of afro-funk reggae-type thingy which people seem to like a lot. This time there was no rapper but the trumpeter’s twin was playing congas. Very dancey indeed despite a mosh pit of photographers. I’ve seen them at other venues but tonight they seemed very relaxed. An excellent show overall. Took me ten minutes to get to the toilet, another Underground record.
William Sickey

Guitars and Panties lived up to the hype, four sexy girls with attitude. I can never resist girls with guitars, and I fell in love at least four times. I especially liked the “Aliens” song, although the last song with the audience shouting “Panties” was seriously stress-relieving. Lead Singer Chris B really knows how to keep the audience’s attention, perhaps that’s what makes the rest of the band appear slightly wooden? Must say Rachel on drums (and pink panties!) delivers solidly. The lady next to me claimed she felt like she was at “the birth of an era. Like Bowie.” Maybe she was on drugs, but maybe she was right. Personally I think a few singing lessons and this band could go far.
Pop over to their newly-built website!
Dan Smith




Sea Monsters were rather wild. Having heard lots about them, I was lucky to get to the Underground in time to see this King Crimson-like Japanese band sear their way into people’s heads with their sounds. For me, the best band of the night but then I got to Underground late, my girlfriend having failed to turn up again. She may be on the way out, but the future is bright for the Sea Monsters – they are unique certainly in HK and possibly Asia. Anyone who is seeking a unique boyfriend contact me via the Underground.
More information on Sea Monsters found here
Mark Emerson

Mango532 have a very good rythmic and driving sound. The vocalist has a good melodic sense, but generally they lacked originality. Their level of courage should be commended especially playing immediately after the Sea Monsters! Someone was heard commenting that they had shades of the Smiths in them. Keep improving and doubtless their creativity will shine through. By the way, the Mango fan with the peach hair called Susie…I love you. Really.
Their website is located at http://www.mango532.com/
Mark Emerson

MC Chris B had trouble pronouncing Wu Fei Tzu, yet they have the potential to become household names. They were tight and have huge potential. Made up of good-looking men (can I just say…COR!!!!)) who really know how to play. The singer has a magnificent voice but needs a wardrobe to match. The audience really sat up for their only cover song of the night – the Instrumental track, the name escapes me for the moment. I noticed I wasn’t the only appreciative female fan! My favourite band of the night.
Rosie Chan
Wu Fei Tzu changed their name to Rubberband and the rest is history!
Wu Fei Tzu 改咗佢哋嘅隊名叫做 Rubberband,從此之後故事就係由呢度開始喇!

© Copyright 2005 Photos by Willem Van der Merwe

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