Live Review from Post-Valentine Rock Show:

Tears On Smile

Kater graduated to a full Underground show after earning plaudits from Chris B at their Shazza show last June. The drama with which every song was performed was genuinely entertaining, and the band clearly have passion for their music and strong friendships binding them together. Some sound issues aside, their four songs were consistent – Tears On Smile, the English-language song in their repertoire was grand and dramatic, recalling Evanescence with a muddy, thunderous bass, wailing, operatic chorus, synth backing track intriguing harmonic bridge on guitar

陣。亡 employed a mysterious picked melody and and soft vocal intro before low riffing kicked in. There was a proggy, Muse-like feel to the track, with singer Kamie testing the limits of her vocal abilities. 情感動物 “Emotional Animals” was very 90s alternativem with a memorable hook and metal riffing from guitarists Addie and Tim. Bassist Esther had great presence and came into her own on this song, her fingers running the neck of her instrument with precision and groove.

It’s hard to say that the band have advanced since last summer in terms of musicianship and stagecraft, but their performance was an enjoyable one to watch and the band, too, will be fun to watch as they continue progressing and gaining more experience on stage.

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