Nothing None


Live Review from Underground 45:

very funky yet full force metal – dying but not dead yet. slightly reminiscient of metallica’s best moments but with a faster and more forceful tempo, almost approaching dance metal. definitely moshable. quite artistic in arrangement as well as performance, they don’t leave many dull or empty gaps in their music. it’s very close to being industrial without any characteristic industrial instruments or sounds, and i would absolutely love to hear a well done industrial remix of them. they are so good at the hardcore deathish bits that i find it very hard to appreciate their slower parts. i only wish they would stick to the super heavy style. if they were to do that, i could honestly rate them a 9.5 out of 10 from all the bands i’ve heard live.


Live Review from Underground 24: It’s a new look Edge for Underground 24 (re-modeled for the Tiesto gig perhaps?) The black and white decor is mono-cool, but the dry-cleaning bills…Nothing None, a hardcore quintet, mash up the best bits of Blue Cheer, Anglo-German prog-rockers, Nektar, and Hong Kong’s own noiseniks, Heresy, from 1993. A rabid version of Paradise City (Guns and fucking Roses) mellowmelts into the next tune and another cover which is Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode). Funny to think, I was listening to the Timo Maas remix that morning as well.
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 4:
Nothing None are HEAVY…as they proved at Underground 4 The audience, most of which had just enjoyed the PNS’s set, were assaulted by musical mayhem from the finalists at the HK Battle of the Bands. One of the tightest bands ever to play the Underground, the lads put on a fine display which had many a closet rocker nodding their heads and shaking their perms. The lead singer exuded a quiet class and seemed a very nice boy and I want to take him home to my mum. He would have to promise not to shout though.
Dan Smith

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Performances by Nothing None: