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No Underground would be complete without an appearance by Thinking Out Loud. Led by the Eurasian guitar goddess, Chris B and the amazing versatile fingers of Chris W, this band played as a foursome at the recent Underground 4 and surprised the audience with their diversity; from pure pop numbers (one was about “Random Men” that Chris B involves herself with) building up to an extremely seductive song that dripped in the apex of passion. Freely interchanging from English to Cantonese and back again; this band is most exciting live.Chris B is inspiring to watch as she personifies each song and has attitude & stage presence; she somehow reminds me of Patti Smith; albeit younger and much prettier. Thinking Out Loud proudly proclaim that they play ‘Pop with Attitude’; yes indeed they do. Check out their website.
Rosie Chan
Nothing None are HEAVY…as they proved at Underground 4 The audience, most of which had just enjoyed the PNS’s set, were assaulted by musical mayhem from the finalists at the HK Battle of the Bands. One of the tightest bands ever to play the Underground, the lads put on a fine display which had many a closet rocker nodding their heads and shaking their perms. The lead singer exuded a quiet class and seemed a very nice boy and I want to take him home to my mum. He would have to promise not to shout though.
Pauline Chittock
Nothing None website can be found HERE!
The P.N.S headlined Underground 5 but nearly pulled out at the last moment, due to Mike Peart’s bronchitis. But the lads kept to the old adage, the show must go on, and gave another winning performance. This time Sir Miles Remington IV was available to sing, and it good to hear his dulcet tones wringing every ounce of passion out of Tiananmen Square, one of my favourite PNS songs. Mind you, the newie Pervert In Disguise has taken over as my all-time favourite, poor old Mike croaking away to good effect. Although never hitting top form the lads were good value, the videos showing behind them as usual proving a hit and a definite plus addition to the show, I wonder why other bands don’t do it. PNS have always been about showmanship and entertainment and they gave us that again. A good show.
William Sickey


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