Underground 45


Thanks to Galaxy for a trial evening of The Underground, was most interesting; the vibe was cool and those of you who made the trek to support The Underground are true live music lovers – THANK YOU!
love Chris B xx


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An acoustic guitar duo consisting of Zane (cap wearing) on the right and Kento on the left. Zane’s vocals are very pleasant to listen to, moments of earnest yearning with his lyrics about personal feelings and events while conveying hope. Both players play the guitar very competently and the music is acoustic folk with an element of uncertainty. I did wonder what Zane would be like backed by bass & drums although overall Zane is one of the better acoustic acts in Hong Kong.
Mark Emerson


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The David Bowie Knives
bringing pockets of noise into symmetry, their deep rumbling and gravelly texture massages the soul rather nicely. the style is fairly hard rock with a full melodic foundation in a musical hailstorm (except for the slow bits). a clear sense of leadership and confidence emanates, inviting you to explore their creations. their music is easy to zone out and get lost in, and comfortably so, as they know exactly where they’re going with it. the highly skilled yet relatively simple drumming makes it all even more entertaining and captivating. some songs have a fairly distinct 70s classic rock influence. neil young comes to mind. fan excitement was extremely evident, they are an excellent specimen of their particular style.


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Eric passionately implores the audience to stand closer to the band, joking with the crowd and willing them closer. It works. The public move and groove to Innisfallen’s ambient sounds. This band plays rock thats not easy-listening but neither is it hardcore, with Eric’s heartfelt yet unpolished vocals driving the music. This band makes me feel good about HK’s live music scene. I’m looking forward to their long awaited debut CD.
Mark Emerson


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Nothing None
very funky yet full force metal – dying but not dead yet. slightly reminiscient of metallica’s best moments but with a faster and more forceful tempo, almost approaching dance metal. definitely moshable. quite artistic in arrangement as well as performance, they don’t leave many dull or empty gaps in their music. it’s very close to being industrial without any characteristic industrial instruments or sounds, and i would absolutely love to hear a well done industrial remix of them. they are so good at the hardcore deathish bits that i find it very hard to appreciate their slower parts. i only wish they would stick to the super heavy style. if they were to do that, i could honestly rate them a 9.5 out of 10 from all the bands i’ve heard live.

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by Willem Van Der Merwe
Poster by Sheli

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