On Sunday 14th of March, a new music festival is landing in Hong Kong to cure those Covid blues.

Rising from the ashes of a tough year for live music, the Wild Boar Music Festival is determined to revamp gigs as you know them. Showcasing some of the best Hong Kong bands in a COVID Responsible outdoor setting, get ready for a full afternoon and evening of musical antics!

The afternoon session (1pm to 430pm) promises all-round entertainment to get you grooving, with performances from the likes of local jazz band Kowloon K, reggae band Murphy’s Law, all girl pop band WHIZZ, Good Funk Shui and Celtic rockers The Naggin Eejits.

The evening session (6pm to 10pm) will up the ante and crank up the volume. With rap acts TripleSix and Delta T, funk rock band Funkee Tung, psychedelic delights ShumKing Mansion, cinematic-rockers Nowhere Boys, and heavy metal headliners NiLiu 逆流 promising to bring out your wild side, we’ve got what you need to turn this year around. And last year, for that matter.

Tickets can be purchased in groups of two or four in accordance with Government regulations. So gather some friends, rediscover the joy of live music, and make some rocking new memories.

The day’s rundown has been curated by The Underground, an organisation established 17 years ago to promote live music in Hong Kong. The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park is Hong Kong’s Ultimate Socially Distanced Entertainment Experience. Audience members are seated in private pods with large deck chairs and do not need to leave their pod to order food and beverages. Extensive cleaning will be carried out between the afternoon and evening sessions so you can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

Tickets available here.



中午環節(下午1時至4時半)會全面為您帶來聞歌起舞的演出,包括本地爵士樂隊Kowloon K和Good Funk Shui,雷鬼樂隊Murphy’s Law,全女班的WHIZZ,也不少得凱爾特搖滾樂隊The Naggin Eejits。

而晚上環節(下午6時至10時)則是更為精彩,由說唱歌手TripleSix和Delta T蛋撻頭,放克搖滾樂隊Funkee Tung, 迷幻音樂代表ShumKing Mansion,電影式搖滾Nowhere Boys,最後有重型樂隊NiLiu逆流幫你釋放野性,去年今年,一併改善。


當天的活動策劃人為The Underground,一個已成立16年,致力於推動香港現場音樂的組織。位於AIA Vitality Park的TheGrounds是香港的「迎接社交新常態 大型休閒及娛樂空間」。觀眾能安坐於已配置太陽椅的私人花園,他們亦無須離開所在範圍去購買食物及飲品。廣泛的清潔將於中午場及晚上場的中段時間實行,大家請放心享受音樂節。


The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park
Hong Kong’s Ultimate Socially Distanced Entertainment Experience.
The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park incorporates a giant LED screen, state of the art sound system & hi-tech stage, bringing a selection of entertainment options to the Hong Kong Harbourfront for you to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own private pod.

2.5m x 2.5m picket fenced garden
1.5m distance between each pod
4 x extra large deck chairs
1 x table
1 x lamp

The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park
The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park 現場設有一個巨型LED屏幕,先進音響系統及舞台,為中環海濱帶來多種娛樂選擇,讓您在

2.5米 x 2.5米圍上柵欄的私人花園
4 x 太陽椅
1 x 桌子
1 x 暖燈


Afternoon Session: 1pm to 4:30pm 下午1時至4時半


Kowloon K

Indie band “Kowloon K” formed in 2019, and was originally a nameless group. But due to an unexpected gig the group needed a name, and they decided to base the name on the Cantonese word 「求其」(pronounced “kaau kay”) which stands for “whatever”, or “spontaneously”.

Initially, keyboardist Joshua, Bassist Ho, and Drummer David played renditions of jazz standards, then, in 2020 Singer-songwriter Charlie Chan was invited to the group as the lead vocalist, and soon after guitarist Justin joined as well. At that point the group started writing original songs.

In December 2020, Kowloon K released their debut single “No Way”, and invited Japanese Animator Ruichivichi to animate their music video. Fusing Anime storylines with their music composition.

The five members of Kowloon K do not like to be constrained by boundaries of music genres, and love to incorporate improvisational elements into their music. So far they have been experimenting with sounds and styles reminiscent to City-pop and latin/Jazz, and will continue to further experiment with the possibilities of modern indie pop.

Kowloon K 成立於2019年,本身是一隊無名字的樂隊,但卻因為一次偶然的演出機會需要改名,絞盡腦汁後便決定取廣東話近音「求其」作名,意即隨意、即興。

最初鍵琴手 水金, 貝斯手 Ho, 與鼓手 David 彈奏Jazz Standard 為主,2020年就邀請了唱作歌手 Charlie Chan 加入做主音,於同年年尾有了結他手 Justin加入 ,並開始創作原創歌曲。

Kowloon K 於2020年12月首次推出原創歌曲《No Way》,並邀請日本朋友 Ruichivichi 繪畫動畫Music Video,藉音樂和動畫的結合呈現日系流行曲風。

喜歡隨意和即興的5位Kowloon K成員都不喜歡被曲風所限制,他們都鐘愛於創作帶有樂器即興元素的歌曲,目前正在揉合城市流行樂和爵士樂,不斷地實驗新的可能性。

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WHIZZ, 由主音王雨山, 結他手Moo, 貝斯手Bowie及鼓手Jess於2019年三月尾組成的四人女子樂團。

主打 Groovy Pop 的曲風, 希望利用輕快,具節奏性的音樂為大眾說出樂團信念 「時間飛逝、活在當下、享受享樂」。



Whizz is a band of four girls, YuShan Wong (vocalist), Moo(guitarist), Bowie Ling (bassist) and Jess Leung (drummer), all from Hong Kong. They started their band at the end of March 2019.

Each member has a different experiences in music performing and song writing. Whizz have played in markets, live houses, music festivals and television shows.

Whizz’s music style is mainly Groovy Pop. They wish to use lively and light-hearted music to send out the conviction of the band which is “Time whizzes past, just listen and enjoy yourself”.

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Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law is a brand new project showcasing original songs influenced by Ragga and Reggae music, with a pinch of pop and soul seasoning. Our goal is basically to make you move your butt.

Lead singer = Murphy ANDRE
Drums = Akira MIMASU
Bass = Matt LUI
Guitar = Seb FRIES

Good Funk Shui

Good Funk Shui is a Hong Kong original funk band, inspired by the classic beats of James Brown and Earth Wind and Fire, the quirky lyrics of Cole Porter and Conway Twitty and features great instrumental solos from some of Hong Kong’s most virtuoso jazz, funk and session musicians.

Good Funk Shui has performed at the Freespace Jazz Festival and is lead by drummer Nate Wong who has performed in venues ranging from Wembley Arena, to HK Coliseum to Mexico City Jazz Festival and many others.

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The Naggin Eejits

Spanning three continents and four countries, the Naggin Eejits bring you mandolin, fiddle, squeezebox, whistle, guitar, bass, drums and some questionable singing.
Celtic influences abound as The Eejits bring energy, passion and alcohol to an eclectic mix of danceable and singable tunes.

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Evening Session: 6pm to 10pm 下午6時至10時



TripleSix is a rapper, singer and musician based in Hong Kong. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, TripleSix grew up on Eminem, 50-cent and biggie while simultaneously picking up guitar from 14 and developing a love for classic rock. He is an independent artist and a newcomer onto the local music scene.

With a more progressive-rap sound, TripleSix blends his conscious lyrics with melodic, infectious hooks that nod to his background as a rocker and instrumentalist. His biggest influences are Eminem, Mac Miller, J-Cole, Biggie, Machine Gun Kelly, Guns n Roses, Pink Floyd and Lil Peep.

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Delta T 蛋撻頭

Delta T 香港說唱歌手/DJ及音樂製作人,音樂風格主要為Hip Hop、R&B及EDM。

Delta T 過去曾在clockenflap演出, 2019年推出首張單曲《國王的救生衣》同年為2019FIBA男子籃球世界杯外圍賽創作港隊官方打氣歌曲及受邀到韓國首爾為品牌彩妝秀作DJ演出。

2020年Delta T推出多首單曲分別有《斷捨離》,《通心粉》及《VR part two》也與一些音樂人合作有JNYBeatz、P0K1合作的city pop歌曲《Can’t Stop》,P0K1《寫首歌給你聽》,Sagas 《仙境瀑布》Remix ,Ed 廖舒衡《實時慰飼》,Janzen Tsang 《I’m Going On》等等。

Delta T is a Producer, Rapper and DJ of Hong Kong in mainly Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic Music.

Before releasing his first single in 2019 “The King’s Life Jacket”, Delta T performed in Clockenflap Music Festival. In the same year, he composed the official cheering song of the Hong Kong team for the 2019 FIBA ​​Men’s Basketball World Cup qualifier and was invited to DJ for the brand makeup show in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2020, Delta T released a number of singles including “Danshari”, “Macaroni” and “VR part two”. Also cooperating with musicians, “Can’t Stop” with JNYBeatz and P0K1, ” Song for you” with P0K1, Sagas’s “Wonderland Waterfall” Remix, “Livefeed” with Ed Liao and “I’m Going On” with Janzen Tsang.

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Funkee Tung

Started by six jetsetter hoodlums from across the globe, Funkee Tung grooves out on Funk, Soul, Rock, R&B and Disco. The boys jam out their tunes with a sound that would make Ron Burgundy purr like a Lynx in heat.

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ShumKing Mansion

Love. War. Paranoia. Escape. Rogue robots. Flash floods. All things to be confronted by dancing until near-collapse in the world of Shumking Mansion. A furnace-blast of technicolor noise levelled straight to the back of the brain, Shumking’s live shows are high-speed anarchy. From all four corners of a convincing simulation of Earth–but forever representing Hong Kong–Zaid, Kent, Shum and Jem are on a mission to seize the present and point it like a hand-cranked laser gun at an unforgiving future.

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Nowhere Boys

香港Frenzi Music及寰亞唱片旗下樂隊。 五個性格、 音樂背景及風格截然不同的大男孩, 融合著各人所長的音樂領域, 拼湊出瘋狂嶄新「電影式」搖滾曲風。 Nowhere Boys成員包括唱作人Van Chan、 爵士鼓手Nate Wong、 結他專家Kenneth Angus、 琴手/小提琴手Fisher Kan和全能樂手Hansun Chan, 足跡已踏遍香港各音樂場地, 亦經常在中國大灣區城市巡演。2015年推出首張同名EP, 首個星期已打入iTunes排名榜頭十位。2017年,Nowhere Boys透過「華語金曲獎年度最佳新樂隊」獲得肯定,隨著專輯《月光寶盒》的推出舉行了首個售票演唱會「JOOX presents: 《月光寶盒》平行時空音樂會 」。其後該音樂會於2018年開設了廣州站,為Nowhere Boys內地首個專場。 同年首次參加「我要上迷笛」粵港澳區總決賽勝出,並將以冠軍樂隊身份參加迷笛音樂節。 2019年代表香港參加亞洲流行音樂節,並成功打入最後三強。電台上榜作品包括《普通華》、《天外飛仙》、 《地心吸力》、《生死時速》及《掹藤》等,其中《致旅途中的我》更為Nowhere Boys帶來第一首903專業推介冠軍歌。Nowhere Boys至今已推出五張專輯,當中一曲《時光歲月》更被其偶像前輩鄭伊健賞識並邀請一同合唱錄製。最新《Destination Nowhere》上架隨即登上iTunes本地專輯排行榜第一位。

Media Asia and Frenzi Music recording artist Nowhere Boys are a motley crew of five distinct personalities and musical backgrounds. These five distinct puzzle pieces form a unique, energetic and modern brand of music known to their listeners as “cinematic rock”. Nowhere Boys comprises singer songwriter Van Chan, jazz drummer Nate Wong, rock guitar hero Kenneth, classical pianist/violinist Fisher and versatile multi-instrumentalist Hansun on bass. They’ve left their mark on virtually every scene and venue in Hong Kong and plays regularly in China. In 2015, Nowhere Boys independently released their self titled album which debuted in the top 10 of iTunes chart in Hong Kong. In 2017 Nowhere Boys released Pandora’s Box and subsequently held their first major concert in Hong Kong which was presented by JOOX, this concert was later reran in China. In addition to performing many successful shows to enthusiastic audiences in festival and live houses, Nowhere Boys has had their share of success in band competitions. In 2018 Nowhere Boys was the winner of the MIDI Music Festival Competition and in 2019 Nowhere Boys represented Hong Kong in the Asia Pop Music Festival where they finished in the top three competing against bands from all around Asia. Over the years Nowhere Boys has produced a number of hit singles in Hong Kong including Putongwah, Flight of the Kung Fu Fairy, Gravity, It’s Time and Mountain. In 2019 the Nowhere Boys single My Journey was the number 1 song on the 903 chart, Hong Kong’s most prestigious chart. Most recently, Nowhere Boys released its fifth album, Destination Nowhere which debuted at number one in the iTunes HK chart.

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NiLiu 逆流

NiLiu takes its root in heavy metal, which it enriches with Oriental aesthetical lyrics. Their songs deliver a unique combination of passionate and sombre voices – leading to the label “literature rock” coined by music fans and critics.

NiLiu formed in 2011. Since then they have actively taken part in various live-house performances and music festivals. The band was first runner-up in the Guangzhou leg of “Tiger Label Battle of The Bands”, China’s premier band competition. They also won the crown at Beiqi Midsummer Music Festival, and was included in the “Hong Kong Grand Bands 2013”.

In March 2014, NiLiu released their debut album “The legacy · Talk” and embarked on their first national tour in June of the same year, playing in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Chengdu and Chongqing. In July, they were invited to perform at the Wake Up Music Festival in Chiayi, Taiwan, and completed its first show on the Legacy Stage in Taipei.

In early January 2018, NiLiu released their acclaimed second album “The Chaos· Talk” and played a sold out concert at Mong Kok’s MacPherson Stadium, drawing over 1,000 spectators.

NiLiu then collaborated with two other renowned metal bands Qiu Hong and Flesh Juicer, in a 15-stop tour across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The tour had its sold out finale in Hong Kong at the legendary local livehouse TTN.


2011年組成,隨即活躍於各大小 livehouse及音樂節演出,更於中國最大型的樂隊比賽「虎牌樂隊龍虎榜」勇奪廣州賽區亞軍,及「北滘仲夏音樂節樂隊風雲榜」冠軍,並入選「 2013香港大團誕生」。

2014年3月推出首張專輯《續世 · 說》,同年6月即舉行首次中國巡演,遍及武漢、長沙、廣州、珠海、深圳、惠州、成都、重慶,並於7月獲邀參演台灣嘉義Wake Up音樂祭,並首次踏上台北Legacy舞台演出。

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